Super smart leak detection

Say goodbye to hidden water leaks and potential insurance claims.

Say hello to LeakBot.
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Stop little leaks becoming big problems

LeakBot can spot leaks anywhere on your home's fresh water plumbing system, alerting you quickly to potential problems.


Keeps an eye on your plumbing system 24/7.


Detect small, hidden leaks before they become a big problem.


Alerts sent to your phone if there's a problem.

LeakBot - The smart way to detect hidden leaks

Buy for £149

LeakBot's well connected

Whether you're at home, at work or away on holiday, LeakBot keeps you updated, alerting you to any problems so you can take action. Fast.

Life's easier with LeakBot

LeakBot maybe small but he could help prevent bigger problems, spotting potential leaks early. See LeakBot in action.

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Expert assistance at the touch of a button

When LeakBot spots a problem you also get a repair solution - You can book a HomeServe approved repair directly in your LeakBot account.

LeakBot - The smart way to detect hidden leaks

Buy for £149

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